Hi there! I’m Alex Karola, author of young adult resilience literature, stories about characters overcoming adversity. I am an advocate for positive self-image and mental health awareness, and with my writing I work to teach teens and young adults about resilience. Resilience literature is an idea developed by Laurie Halse Anderson, an author I respect and admire. Anderson uses this term to describe any book whose goal “is to help strengthen kids facing difficult situations.”

I've spent more hours of my life with teens than any other age group. There were teens in my family from the time I was four until I turned eighteen, and as soon as I started college, I began working with teens and haven't stopped since.

I graduated from Perelandra College in 2010 with a master of arts in creative writing, and hold secondary English teaching certificates in both Arizona and California. I’ve taught literature and writing to junior high, high school, and college students.

I've been a writing teacher for over a decade and have taught students from elementary through graduate school. Currently, I live and write in the Sonoran Desert with my family and a flock of parrots: Sunny, Merry, Sammy, Pippin, and Carlos.  

In my writing, I show characters dealing with difficult topics like violence, bullying, and mental disorders. My characters often go on journeys. Sometimes they wear wings and learn to fly. Sometimes they find themselves swimming in magical coves inhabited by mermaids.

Connect with me on Twitter and Instagram @alexkarola, find resources for teens and teachers at alexkarola.com, and be sure to join me on wattpad.com where you can read some of my books and other fun stuff for free!