Hey there! I'm Alex Karola, author of young adult and middle grade resilience literature, stories about characters overcoming adversity. 

My new Young Adult novel, FREEDOM, is available now from Hickey's Books:

Devastated by the death of his father, Navajo teenager Stevie Washington leaves his home on the reservation for gang-ruled Valhalla, California. Here, Stevie meets Freedom Richards, an unpredictable social outcast who helps him navigate this new world of cholos, lowriders, and soccer. When fierce rivalry off the field escalates to tragedy, Stevie realizes his true test is to master the inner rage and unforgiveness that threaten to destroy him.

“Readers looking for strength to lift themselves out of difficult situations should read Freedom. The novel tackles stereotypes and realities on multiple levels. In prose that is both easygoing and well suited to young audiences, Freedom affirms the bonds of friendships across cultural and class divides as well as their power to hurt…and heal.”

-Andrea Box, multicultural literature teacher.

Because #IStandWithStandingRock, from now until December 31, 2016 one half of proceeds from all sales of FREEDOM will be donated by the author to the Standing Rock Nation at standingrock.org

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Bulimia doesn't affect guys. And guys don't diet. That's according to Sean Roemer, Katy's best friend and fellow diver on Franklin High School's varsity team.

He admits you do what you have to do, sometimes, to make weight for a meet. But he doesn't think he has a problem. Even as Katy tries to get him to acknowledge his denial, she can't see the danger she puts herself in.

The only things Katy cares about in the world are diving and her friendship with Sean. If she doesn't figure out what's going on soon, she could lose everything.

                                                                              HUMAN VOICES WAKE US

Maris is haunted by the boy with the sea in his eyes. It has been four years since she witnessed a cruel joke turn into an unspeakable accident.

Now a strange young man has come into her life, and she is certain he is connected to that fateful day four years ago. He introduces her to a beautiful, magical world below the waves, an underwater kingdom of dolphin children, hidden islands and golden reefs. Is this dreamworld real, or only a figment of the guilt she can't let go?